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Each year 10 students are elected to form the OUSA Executive and Together with a number of service departments we provide you with the best events, some of the best clubs and recreation activities, representation, welfare, advocacy, and media. We’ve got you covered! So be sure to sign up for the newsletter and be in the loop of everything going down!


Welcome to university life and Dunedin

University is truly life changing. It’s a tired cliche you’ve probably already heard a thousand times before, but it couldn’t be more true. In your time at Uni you may accomplish your greatest achievements, discover your closest friends or future partners, and make memories that will genuinely last you a lifetime. I can guarantee you, the person you are right now will be completely different to the one who graduates.

But let’s also be frank, University (and life) can be tough. Along with those highs might also be some lows - grades don’t go your way, the fresher-flu hits, or your entire life flips upside-down in a matter of seconds. Feeling depressed, anxious, isolated, home-sick, or just plain bland is not uncommon. It’s okay to struggle. You are not weak, you are not different, and, most importantly, you are not alone. OUSA, your College, and this University are here to help you through these formative years of your life.

If you ever need anything, just reach out.

SO .. Get prepared, be excited, and most of all, get ready for an incredible formative experience. Otago is a fantastic life-changing journey so take every opportunity you can. Join one of the 150 or so Clubs and Societies, come to the events, explore the Botans, take a day trip to St Clair, get fit at UniPol, try your chances on a Critic Blind Date, turn up to Pint Night, and you should probably go to your lectures. Dont forget Starters in the evenings.

Look after yourself, your mates, and don’t forget to write home.

James Heath, OUSA president 2019.



The OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre is the ultimate student hub! It houses a variety of campus clubs and societies, provides a renowned recreation programme, a variety of services and has a wicked line up of rooms and spaces for students to book free of charge.


student support

OUSA Student Support is here to help you navigate life while you're at university. If you have any hassles, any concerns, or any questions drop in and see the team at Student Support. If it's something to do with academics, tenancy and flatting, finances, your wellbeing, safety, or something else, even if you just need to chat Student Support are here to help and we'll be with you every step of the way. Our services are free, friendly, and confidential, and you don't have to make an appointment.