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  • Refunds?
    Sorry no, once its less than 30 days to event. But you can use Flicket official resale platform. If you wish to sell a ticket you have purchased, or look to see if there is one for sale, please head to: You can safely resell you ticket to someone else via the Flicket Platform. You can find a handy how to guide here:
  • Mum and Dad shouted my tickets! Does it matter that their names are on them and not mine?
    No worries! As long as you bring a valid ticket along with the correct ID to each event then you’re all set. You’ll need University/Polytech ID if you’re under 17 or valid age ID if you’re 18+. Age ID is anything you would take to a bar – passport/licence/Kiwi Access card.
  • Do I need to go into the OUSA Main Office to pick any thing up?
    If you bought an Ori Festival Pass – then YES! Come and get your physical Zooper Pass card. You can’t get into the Highlanders games without it!
  • OUSA Main Office? Where’s that?
    We are under the OUSA brick archway next to Auahi Ora and the on-campus Uni Bookstore, at 640 Cumberland Street.
  • What do I bring to pick up my Zooper Pass?
    Just come in and show us your pre-purchased Zooper Pass ticket or Ori Festival Pass.
  • When will I need my Student ID?
    If you are under 18, you will need your 2024 tertiary level student ID for access to all night-time events! If you’ve lost your R18 ID, you can still attend the event but you’ll need to bring your student ID – keep in mind you won't be able to purchase alcohol.
  • I don’t have my student ID yet…
    Come in to the OUSA Main office on 640 Cumberland Street and speak to us, we can help you out!
  • Zooper Collection
    Great news! No need to collect a physical Zooper Pass anymore. Zooper Passes will now be emailed to those who have purchased Festival Passes or individual Zooper Passes 😝
  • I’ve lost my Zooper Pass?
    Sorry, but we can’t help you with this one. There will NO replacements, no matter how much you plead with us. Treat it like it’s cold hard cash - keep it safe!
  • Will the QR code on my Zooper Pass email get me into the games?
    NO! You won't get past the gate. Bring in your ticket either on your phone or printed out to swap for your physical Zooper Pass card at OUSA main office before your first game. Don’t forget your student ID!
  • What do I do if I only bought individual tickets?
    You’re pretty much sussed! Just take your tickets with the QR code showing straight to the gig, along with Student ID (or Age ID if you’re 18+). BUT… you must come in to the OUSA main office if you bought an Ori Festival Pass to collect your Zooper pass.
  • All Events are R17 for tertiary students with 2024 Student ID
    But you will need age ID to be able to purchase alcohol at the event. All non-students must be 18+ with age ID. Valid age ID is anything you would take to a bar – passport/licence/Kiwi Access card.
  • Closed Toe shoes
    Sorry, no bare feet, or open toe shoes at all licenced events. You will be refused entry. Save the dogs for onlyfans.
  • Proof of Age
    You MUST bring a valid proof of age ID (Kiwi Access/Drivers Licence/Passport etc) to gain entry to all licenced OUSA events. If you are 18+ but don’t bring suitable proof of ID, you will be classed as U18 and won’t be permitted to purchase alcohol. Please note. Yes, this does include for the Toga nights.
    (If you are under 18, please read this important information. This helps us safeguard our liquor licence for the venue, ensures you have a good and safe time, and enables us to allow 17 years olds to attend future events) The Easy Way: If you are under the age of 18, then it is a condition of our licence that we carry out the following measures: All R17 patrons will be given a coloured wristband upon entry to identify you as under 18, and therefore not permitted to drink alcohol at the event. You MUST NOT remove this wristband whilst at the event You MUST not consume alcohol whilst at the event The Hard Way: You risk getting ejected from the event, and having your details taken and handed to the Proctors office (with a potential follow up meeting with the Proctor) if you: Remove your R17 coloured wristband whilst at the event Are deemed to be intoxicated whilst at the event Are caught drinking alcohol at the event Or are found to be behaving in any other way that brings to you the attention of security, bar staff or other event personnel.
  • Are any of the event's BYO?
    Nah mate.
  • Ok then, I’ll drink loads before I get there?
    Not the best idea you’ve had this year. We take your safety, and that of other concert goers seriously, and we also intend to safeguard our liquor licence. Security and bar staff will scan the queues waiting to gain entry to the venue, and anyone deemed to already be heavily under the influence will not be permitted entry. Please also remember, the campus grounds are alcohol free zones. So please no pre-loading on the way to the event. Bummer. Yep. So, if you have pre-loaded and are refused entry, we will show you to a safe area to sober up a little, before offering you a lift back to your place of residence. But no, you won’t get a refund on your ticket.
  • What happens if I overdo it once in the event?
    Again, we take yours and other patrons safety real serious, so if bar staff, security, or other event personnel feel you’ve over done it, and you’re looking a little worse for wear intox wise, then we will show you to a safe area to sober up a little, before offering you a lift back to your place of residence. Again, no, you won’t get a refund on your ticket.
  • What if I show up a bit late?
    While we’d love to party with you all night long, all good things must come to an end at some point. Gates will close at 11:30pm each night (4:30pm for Golden Hours on Saturday), so rally hard and get to us on time. Each show kicks off with some killer local talent so be sure to rock up at the start of the event and get your money's worth!
  • Over done it, and want to chill out, sober up a little?
    Great idea. Our very own student safety group, Are You OK? will be on hand with a hydration area to get away from it all, rehydrate, and scoff a biscuit or two.
  • Who are ‘Are You OK?’
    Are You OK? is the OUSA Student Support safety team, who attend all our licensed events to make sure that a good time doesn't turn into a bad time and support is always there when it is needed. The Are You OK? safety team provides students with a non-judgmental, approachable, and friendly source of support.
  • Key message - Don’t be a Dick!
    Our events have a zero tolerance for dicks – both the drunken and obnoxious kind. Simple as.
  • Lost Property?
    We know, stuff happens and things go missing. Any lost property found at the event will be handed into our info tent for the duration of the event. Any unclaimed items at the end of the night will be handed to our team of superstars at the main OUSA repletion, who deal with ALL lost property found on campus throughout the year. So if stuff happened, and things mysteriously disappeared from where you last left them, they’re the ones to see.
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